Annapurna & Mustang

  • Annapurna & Mustang

Annapurna, attracts the largest number of trekkers in Nepal. Here you will find everything the Himalayas have to offer, accessible along a selection of well-maintained trails that snake in and around the 55-kilometre Annapurna massif, separated from the gargantuan Dhaulagiri (8167m) by the Kaligandaki, the deepest gorge in the world.

Most trekkers will have heard of the legendary Annapurna Circuit. But if the lung-busting slog over the 5416m Thorung pass doesn’t suit you, there are many other trails that offer superlative panoramas and the cultural traditions of a whole spectrum of ethnicities. And though roads are bringing change to the region, new trails are being blazed for the faithful. Up north at the border with China, the mystique of the walled city of Lo Manthang remains intact. Even in Nepal’s most trekked places, a trail less travelled is never far away.

Annapurna I (8091m) was the first eight-thousander to be summitted, in 1950, when Maurice Herzog and his team turned away from the daunting prospect of the Great White One, Dhaulagiri (8167m). Ever since, tourists have flocked to the lake city of Pokhara to admire the iconic vistas of Machapucchare (6993m) and the peak-studded Annapurna range. The region was designated a Conservation Area in 1992, paving the way for a pioneering model of sustainable tourism.

The verdant valleys around Pokhara receive high rainfall and snow, which make for relatively low-lying, visually stunning glaciers. This monsoonal lushness is in sharp contrast to the rainshadow created by the Annapurna massif to its north, resulting in the high-altitude desert and the eroded badlands of Mustang. It is as if all this immensity is meant to protect the mystical ‘Kingdom of Lo’, or Mustang, one of the last exemplars of living Tibetan culture.

To the east lies the Marsyangdi River and to the west lies the world’s deepest gorge, carved out by the wild waters of the Kaligandaki. The biodiversity of the region – entire hillsides swiped with pink and red rhododendron forests bursting with birdsong – is matched by its incredible cultural diversity. Cultural trails will take you right into the homes of Gurungs in the lowlands, and you can enjoy the hospitality of Thakalis around Jomsom, Manangis in the east and Loba and Tibetans in the arid north.

Annapurna has been enormously popular with trekkers over the years and the new roads have actually opened up previously inaccessible areas. Creative guides are taking the curious back in time to the mediaeval villages of Nar and Phu, over the high trail of Kang La with its breathtaking views, and up to Tilicho Lake at 5000m.

Photos of Annapurna & Mustang

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New trekking trails in Annapurna region

In a bid to sustain Annapurna's trekking industry in the long-term, officials are now working together to explore and develop new trekking trails that will provide alternatives to routes obstructed by motorable roads.


The Guerrilla Trail

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Tiji Festival in Mustang

Celebrated in May this year in the "walled city" of Lo Manthang, Tiji Festival is one of Mustang's most important and colourful events. To chase away demons and mark the beginning of the wet and the end of the dry season, Buddhist monks perform century-old religious ceremonies.


GHT trek for a good cause

55-year old German Gerda Pauler embarked on an epic journey on the Upper Great Himalaya Trail to raise awareness and funds for the Nepalese NGO Autism Care Nepal, an active organisation supporting parents of autistic children in Nepal.


Upper Mustang Trek in early winter

The Lonely Planet notes for Mustang are pretty good although they lack track times, some of which we provide below. We thought it might useful for people to have some extra notes that apply particularly to early winter. At this time about 80% of Mustangis leave their homes for warmer Pokha...

Fast Facts

  • The highest mountain in this region is Dhaulagiri (8168 m) followed by Annapurna 1, at 8091 m
  • The trail passes through the Annapurna Area Conservation Project which covers 7629 square kilometres and visits Muktinath, the 3rd holiest Hindu pilgrimage site
  • The stunning Machapuchhare (Fishtail Mountain), often used as the symbol of the region is unclimbed because it is sacred
  • The Kali Gandaki river valley is technically the deepest gorge in the world being straddled by two of the world’s highest mountains.
  • Annapurna is the Hindu Goddess of grain and prosperity.
  • South of the Annapurnas gets some of the highest rainfall in Nepal, hence you can see large glaciers at relatively low elevation

Practical Info