Solo trekkers to be accompanied by guide or porter in Langtang National Park

The Government of Nepal’s new policy for trekking affirms that solo trekkers heading to the Langtang National Park should be accompanied by a porter or a guide. Earlier, solo trekkers in this area were not required to be guided.

This change is an outcome of recommendations from tourism entrepreneurs, diplomatic missions, and international media regarding the safety of foreigners in the Langtang region, and following a request by the District Security Committee, Rasuwa.

A letter issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs states that the decision has been taken considering the incidents that have been reported from the region in the past two years. The letter also states that due to high altitude and remoteness of the region, they were unable to receive timely information for untoward incidents.  Government officials have said this decision has been taken for the safety of the tourists.

Trekkers travelling in groups are already required to take the service of government registered trekking agencies.

While Nepal is considered a dream destination for adventure tourism offering the best experience in the Himalayas, trekkers accompanied by guides are not only assisted in planning their journey in the high-altitude, remote locations but also prove to be an advantage for their professional experience with the local people and terrain.