Location map of the Nepal Tourism Board office and ACAP permit office, Kathmandu, Nepal

If you need to get your ACAP permit in Kathmandu, you’ll need to go to the Nepal Tourism Board – unless of course your trekking agent is organising it for you. NTB is easy to get to. See the map below:

A: Thamel (Kathmandu Guest House intersection)
B: NTB offices

Location of the Nepal Tourism Board

Getting to NTB
You can easily walk in about 20 minutes, and much nicer to go via back streets where possible (and allow a little time for getting lost!). A taxi is pretty quick and really should not cost more that Rs. 100 although you’ll probably be asked for more.

If asking for directions, it is right next door to the dusty old bus park. If you ask for “Bus Park” you’ll get within 100 m of the NTB office in Bhrikuti Mandap.

Next door to the NTB office is Kathmandu’s fun fair and exhibition hall – don’t get excited, it’s not so great.

You can find the NTB office also on Google maps.

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